Airlines for America

During my internship at Home Front Communications, one of my primary assignments was creating and updating monthly metrics reports for Airlines for America’s We Connect the World campaign.

In these reports, I determined the click-thru-rate (CTR) for every promotional technique the campaign used that month by examining the total number of impressions and clicks each ad received. Some of the advertising formats I analyzed include webpage advertisements, television and radio commercials, mobile ads, YouTube videos, and banners on city buses, at Reagan International Airport, in metro stations around D.C., and on the digital LED ribbon at Nationals Park. I also monitored native advertisements featured on the websites for POLITICO and The Hill.

To complete these reports, I added each advertisements total impressions, total clicks, and CTR to the report, and compared those numbers to the industry averages as applicable. I also identified the days when the campaign webpage saw the most traffic, and then determined what caused the increase. Finally, I summarized the overall performance of the campaign at large and on desktop and mobile devices.

*Note: The numbers in the report have been removed for confidentiality.

Software used

Google Analytics, PointRoll, Microsoft PowerPoint

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