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"I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully."

- George Petrie, The Auburn Creed

What I Have Learned.

After graduating with honors from Roswell High School in May 2012, I moved 150 miles away from home and began my college career at Auburn University. In December 2015, I will graduate one semester early with a degree in Public Relations.

Because Auburn University's Public Relations program is one of the best in the country, I am confident that my education has equipped me with the knowledge and skills I need to become a successful professional after graduation.

Please keep reading to learn what I have learned and accomplished in my classes and how my education has done an excellent job preparing me for a future in Public Relations.

Style & Design in Public Relations Messages

This unique course serves as an introduction to the use of style and design in Public Relations by teaching students about different software applications and the proper implementation of digital communications. Students learn how to write HTML code, how to use various Adobe programs, including Photoshop and InDesign, and how to incorporate the principles of design into different Public Relations materials.

In this class, I designed this entire website and created many of the projects in my portfolio, including my magazine, infographic, brochure, tutorial, and logo.

Public Relations Campaigns

This course requires students to develop a comprehensive Public Relations campaign for a real-life client through the application of theory, research data, and problem-solving techniques. In small groups, students work together and use the Public Relations process to complete client, situation, and audience analyses, design an implementation plan, and create promotional materials before pitching the campaign to the client in a formal presentation.

In this class, I worked with three other students to form a comprehensive campaign for the Auburn University Public Relations Advisory Council. The campaign’s purpose is to promote and raise funds to establish an endowed scholarship for Auburn’s Public Relations Department.

Multimedia Writing for Public Relations

This intensive writing course prepares students to effectively communicate Public Relations messages to key publics. Students learn the importance of proper planning, writing, and production, and effective tactic- and audience-selection for print and electronic media.

In this class, I worked with two other students to create a complete media kit for Toomer’s Coffee Company, a boutique coffee shop in Auburn, Alabama. The media kit includes a company backgrounder, professional biography, newspaper pitch, blog post, fact sheet, press release, and social media posts.

Marketing on the Internet

This course shows students how many traditional marketing practices can translate to marketing strategies on the Internet and other digital platforms. Students learn which methods are essential to achieving a competitive advantage and then analyze real-life scenarios using what they have learned.

In this course, I worked with five classmates to develop a digital audit that analyzes Trader Joe’s website. The report evaluates the retail chain's website’s ranking and traffic estimations, site marketing performance, search engine friendliness, and social media presence.

Foundations of Public Relations

This introductory course highlights the functions, practices, and application of Public Relations in today’s society and workplace. Students learn the basic process of Public Relations- research, planning, communication, and evaluation- and examine the role and development of Public Relations throughout history and in different professional areas, including private firms, trade organizations, and government.

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